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Guild Message of the Day - May 30th
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May Contain Peanuts News

By: Natsunoki - May 23rd

MCP disbanding

So I've come to the decision that rebuilding to do 25s or even rebuilding to do two legit 10s (i.e. not have to use so many alts) just isn't really worth it. I haven't had any interest from transfers, or even interest from players on Fenris, as far as joining MCP. Doing regs is lolfaceroll but finding healer(s) to replace ones we've lost to do HMs is a pain.

I'm sure no one really wants to farm the same regs we've been doing for the entire expansion--but recruitment is going literally no where. Pretty much feel like I've been trying to avoid the inevitable and well... atm admitting defeat >.> and am claiming us as disbanded.

So! That being said, zat is splitting up the gbank crap between those who have raided with us for a while and/or haven't disappeared as soon as we had to revert to 10 mans.

Wish you luck in your future endeavors, whether you decide to stay on Fenris or not... as far as me, I might go to rift or I might end up transferring, I haven't really decided.

  • Zatree: along the twisting road with many forks we all choose our own path now. Thanks everyone for sticking through it I had fun! Bye everyone...even you Natsu.
  • Waffletime: Goodluck to everyone, members past and present. I had a hell of a lot of fun with many of you guys. Your personalities made the game for me and even kept me playing well past the point when I had lost interest in the game itself. Much love to you all.
  • Kiwipooh: <--- misses kann still /cry
  • Natsunoki: :O amg Kann checks the site?
  • Faello: Wasn't here for long but had a great time regardless. Thanks to whomever for inviting me (can't remember) and those whom I raided with for the good times.
  • Feelmyheals: Had a great time while I was here. Wish it could have lasted longer, but I wish everyone the best.
  • ├čadblood: rawr
  • Omgfireballz: We're a G.O.A.T. And for those of y'all who don't know what a G.O.A.T. is, it means the "Greatest Of All-Time", and I consider ourselves one of those, so thank you very much for the great times even though I didn't say to much. School pretty pretty killed my game time, signing up for college this that and other things. I personally feel guilty because I was one of those select few who didn't show up. But anyways best of luck to all you guys in the future, I know my time in MCP was worth while!
  • Omgfireballz: QQ R.I.P
  • Omgfireballz: school pretty much------
By: Zatree - May 16th

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